Safety – Fall Driving

Published on January 23, 2023 under Safety Tips

Southbury Ambulance Association presents seasonal safety tips. We plan to provide future information for our community to be healthy and safe.

As Autumn comes around we see many joys; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even pumpkin spice lattes. Along with these comes many fall driving hazards from the changing weather.

Leaves: The changing seasons equal leave all over the road. With all the rain this season, make sure you drive slower than usual. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice. According to Erie Insurance, making sure your tires have enough tread can be beneficial for driving. You can check this by inserting a penny into your tire with Lincoln’s head facing downwards. If you can insert the penny all the way and still see his head, you may need a tire change.

School Buses: With all the children going back to school, you may see many school buses. If a school bus is stopped, make sure to stop and wait until the child has crossed the road before you continue driving.

Hydroplaning: All of the rain will lead to wet conditions. Your car could potentially lose control if you are driving at high speeds. To prevent this make sure to drive at lower speeds and be especially cautious of your speed on rainy days.

Deer: Deer are especially active between October and January. According to Geico, you should slow down and be alert around dusk and dawn because this is when most deer accidents occur. Whenever you see a yellow deer sign, make sure to watch your speed.

Less Sunlight: Daylight saving equals less sunlight. You may find yourself driving in the dark more often. Make sure your headlights are working and keep them on during these times.

By: Nadina Bhadrasain 68 Georges Hill Road Southbury Ct 06488