EMS Week 2024

Published on May 12, 2024 under News

May 19th– 25th 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week. The theme “Honoring Our Past. Forging Our Future” is relevant throughout EMS and here in Southbury, CT. This speaks directly to the future of 911 emergency medical services response and ambulance transportation. Southbury Ambulance Association (SAA) has served the Town of Southbury for over 70 years and Heritage Village Ambulance (HVAA) for 53 years. In May 2024, SAA will hold the PSA (Primary Service Area) for all Southbury including the Heritage Village area. The transition will be seamless and without notice.  SAA will continue to be laser focused on patient care along with effective and efficient emergency response and transport. The service and dedication of all who have served throughout the years is honored alongside the knowledge that changes must occur for economic efficiencies and effective patient care to be maximized. Improvements and increased requirements in technology, certification requirements, technical skills and knowledge are all geared to enhance EMS service. However, we always remember that improvement only happens when there is a sound and solid basis to start from. SAA is a concrete example of honoring the past and forging a future that incorporates change for the better. Please join me in thanking allEMS personnel serving in Southbury for their great work! SAA is dedicated to maintaining Southbury a HEARTsafe community and public education to support that endeavor.  The importance and necessity for EMS may only be apparent when needed, but please know Southbury EMS is always here for you.


“I am thrilled that EMS is honored for a special week on a national level,” states Geralyn Hoyt President and longtime volunteer of SAA. Please join me in acknowledging and thanking EMS personnel for their service, compassion, and ready willingness to serve.