SAA Press Release

Published on February 11, 2023 under Uncategorized

On January 12, 2023, Southbury Ambulance was dispatched by the 911 dispatcher for an unconscious, unresponsive female.  Two crews from Southbury Ambulances responded and additional assistance was provided by two Southbury police officers and Heritage Village Ambulance. The immediate and efficient response resulted in a good result for the distressed female. She had gone into cardiac arrest. The crews worked cohesively to save her life. They did! CPR Saves are rare BUT so great when accomplished.

February as National “Heart” month is a time to focus on heart health. Southbury Ambulance is currently in the process of recertifying the Town of Southbury as a HeartSafe community by conducting an inventory of the AEDs in town as well as identifying CPR instructors to help train our local citizens. Please consider taking a CPR class. It could be you saving a life.

Pictured below Geralyn Hoyt presents the crews with a CPR Save Pin as a thank you and an acknowledgement of their service.

CPR PIC 1 Pictured left to right; Geralyn Hoyt SAA Chief with Heritage Village EMT Nick Desmarias, EMT Daivelyn Natal-Thillet and HVAA Chief George Goodwin

CPR PIC 3 Officer Marrone

CPR Pic 4 Officer Volpe

CPR Pic 5 Pictured left to right are Paramedic Ryan Zimmerman, Chief Geralyn Hoyt and EMT Keven Dombroski

CPR Pic 6 Pictured left to right are Jack Begley Paramedic, Geralyn Hoyt and EMT Juan Samuel-Constanzo